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Hasselblad Masters Emotion Hardcover Teneues RARE+SIGNED Norgaard Christian EtAl

Hasselblad Masters Emotion Hardcover Teneues RARE+SIGNED Norgaard Christian EtAl
Hasselblad Masters Emotion Hardcover Teneues RARE+SIGNED Norgaard Christian EtAl
Hasselblad Masters Emotion Hardcover Teneues RARE+SIGNED Norgaard Christian EtAl
Hasselblad Masters Emotion Hardcover Teneues RARE+SIGNED Norgaard Christian EtAl

Hasselblad Masters Emotion Hardcover Teneues RARE+SIGNED Norgaard Christian EtAl
Hasselblad Masters: Emotion by Teneues By Norgaard, Christian; Et Al. Special First Day Released Edition Dated October 15, 2010. Signed by (Author and/or one of the Hasselblad Masters). The Signature comes with a special message and is signed by Lyle. HARDCOVER 1st Edition / 1st. Hasselblad Masters: Emotion Hardcover - October 15, 2010 by Teneues (Author). Sponsors the elite Masters contest each year, recognizing both the top established photographers and upcoming photographers. Starting with 1,700 accomplished entrants who submitted ten photographs each, the Hasselbald team rigorously narrowed the selection to 100 finalists. Five editors of respected international photo magazines were then assigned the difficult task of choosing ten ultimate winners. These ten Hasselblad masters were given access to the finest photographic equipment and asked to interpret the theme "emotion" in their own distinctive ways. This book contains the compelling projects from each of the winning photographers. Text in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. Hasselblad Masters : Emotion by teNeues (2010, Hardcover). TeNeues; Bilingual edition (October 15, 2010) Language?

11.25 x 1.5 x 13.25 inches Review Each year, Hasselblad, the maker of what is generally regarded as the finest square format. Mass-production cameras in the world. It hosts a competition to find the 10 best photographers using their equipment. In this, the second edition of the Masters series from TeNeues, the theme is `Emotion,' and while the beautiful results depicted herein showcase the ten winners' interpretation of emotion, well, some are more emotional than others.

This 11 x 14 inch beautifully produced photographic collection seems like an echo of the same type of books the Hasselblad Camera Company was printing 40-45 years ago. Apparently these are the 10 winners of Hasselblad's 2009 Masters Competition that drew entries from almost 3,000 photographers. The ten winners were then assigned the topic of "Emotion" to illustrate. Oddly enough, these razor sharp, perfectly exposed and printed images seem to lack much emotion.

But, all in all, there are some pretty dam good photographs included in this fine collection. They are perfect technically and are much more of interest, than emotion. My own favorites were the landscapes of Bang Peng, because the Chinese mountainous subject matter is so alienated to most Americans. The Stephan Zirwes architectural photographs of an airport, taken from above, has produced some beautiful aerial patterns. Alex and Felix produced some interesting Fine Art collages, but they appeared like industrial photographs of computer chips.

This book contains the best photo's of the 10 individual winners of this photographic competition, they do confirm that Hasselblad makes wonderful cameras that produce wonderful photos. Somehow the book made me wish to see the original portfolios from which these 10 winners were selected. First, let it be said that TuNeues has done a fine job in the duplication and printing of the winning contestant's work.

Each photo, each page, is printed to the top standards of mass-production photo book standards with nary a grain of film being visible among the many, finely focused subjects (one cannot beat, for example) the intricate detail of the mechanical renderings of the Swiss duo, Alex and Felix. These great photographers have delivered portfolios that are tight and hold together exceedingly well in demonstrating, not only their master use of the camera, lighting and exposure, but richness of concept and therefore all around execution of assignment. The only issue we have with the book, is perhaps the emotion concept itself. While some submissions are right-on the target, when bringing the emotion concept to life, others are hard to tell what emotion the photographer is portrait-ting. (England's Dirk Rees, Portugal's cover photographer Joao Carlos and America's Claudio Napolitano, among the category defining best), while others (in particular, USA's Mark Holthusen's cyborg pics and Germany's Stephan Zirwes collection of aerial photos of closed airports) seem so mechanical and stark, it's hard to see, just what emotion the photographer is attempting to show.

But the technical effort to shoot these photos are quite an overwhelming feat of accomplishment and deserves true merit. Regardless of how closely the winners hued to the theme, the photographs in each and every page are mesmerizing, spellbinding, and make for one of the most superb, multi-photographer bound exhibits around.

Our advice, forget about the emotional theme. And Really Enjoy the visual pics in this book. It's photo quality is far superior to most of what's on the market today,'emotional' or not. If There's Ever A Problem, Just Let US Know and We'll Respond with a Solution, Giving You, Our Customer, "Pure Total Satisfaction" no questions asked! WE ARE STANDING BY TO SERVICE YOUR NEEDS!

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  • Book Title: Hasselblad Masters VOL. 2 Emotion
  • Ex Libris: No
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Italy
  • Topic: Award Winning Photography
  • Personalize: Yes
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Type: High Quality Photo Book
  • Features: Day of Release Edition, Authors Special Message & Signature, 1st Edition, Collector's Edition, Dust Jacket
  • Personalization Instructions: Signed at the Book's Release Date!
  • Author: By Norgaard, Christian; Et Al
  • Book Series: Volume 2
  • Publication Year: 2010
  • Language: English, French, German, Italian
  • Intended Audience: Adults
  • Publisher: teNeues
  • Genre: Award Winning Photo's
  • Special Attributes: 1st Print / 1st Edition
  • ISBN: 3832794115

Hasselblad Masters Emotion Hardcover Teneues RARE+SIGNED Norgaard Christian EtAl